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Welcome to the Mahjong Game Database

The purpose of this wiki is to document all the mahjong video games in my library with overviews, gameplay guides, screenshots, and metadata. It is still in very early stages, so not much has been added as of yet. Check the list below for the games currently in the database. Clicking on the triangle will open a list of games for that console.

NEC PC Engine(empty)
NEC PC Engine CD-ROM²(empty)
Nintendo 64(empty)
Nintendo DS(empty)
Nintendo Famicom(empty)
Nintendo GameBoy(empty)
Nintendo Super Famicom(empty)
Nintendo Switch(1 P)
Sega Dreamcast(1 P)
Sega GameGear(empty)
Sega Saturn(1 P)
Sony PlayStation(5 P)
Sony PlayStation 2(2 P)